The Search

The Search

I say:

Where are you?
I have searched your secret hiding places,
The pale moon’s reflection dancing on the ocean,
The bright star against night’s embrace,
The flight of a lone white bird across the storm laden sky,
Only to fraught with disappointment.

You are most like water,
Slipping through my demands,
Evaporating from my expectations
Hardening from my indifference.

But suddenly immersed in you,
I am unprepared for my world to change.
Light bends. Sound mutes. Movement slows.
And I cannot breathe.
I gasp for my old life.

How I wish I could just merge into you,
As ideally as that drop of water
Mentioned in songs and chants of yore.
Instead you are forced to dwell in my periphery,
On the remnant of a lucid dream.
I, like a child on the ocean’s edge,
Running from the waves.

You say:

If I am like water,
Then to find me, and hold me
Is easier than the easiest.
Just cup your hands in supplication.

– Golapendu.


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