The Little Princess No More

The Little Princess No More

Eighteen trees have shed their leaves
Only to bloom yet more fragrant beauty-blossoms
With each fallen leaf and newborn bud
A dance is danced a song is sung

Mountains will soar to peaks on high
Only to plummet towards the valley core
And waves will rise unto the crest
And merge once more with the ocean floor

So too Little Princess this cycle must close
For new lessons are to be learned and new paths to be sewn
Old garments though familiar must be cast aside
So new angelic and resplendent gowns may be tried

The Little Princess no more you can remain
For the time to become Queen is upon you
Queen of your universe Queen of your life
Chooser of your Destiny your King’s new Wife

Ride through your kingdom rich and fertile
Casting jealousy-insecurity-sadness-frustration into exile
Always remembering to walk with Queenly beauty-grace
Keeping a humble yet joyful smile on your face

My Little Princess with one tooth and skateboard in hand
It is time for you to invest in your inner-heart-world’s land
Water it with peace and fertilize it with love
Every thought must be positive having descended from above

A Queen never allows her kingdom to go hungry
While she remains bound by chains of all and sundry
Instead she stays focused with what will truly make her happy
And always remembers to offer sincere gratitude humbly

All My Love

– Jitavrata Jacobs.


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