Talking with God

Talking with God

My best way of talking with God is by arguing.
This is how it goes:
I say what I want and He says “NO”.
Then I get so mad that I burn with fire.
I tell God I hate Him, not tell, but spit out
    with real venom. I tell Him I am never
    going to go and see Him again.
I tell Him how mean and horrible He is.
Then He says, well, what do you want then,
    you can have your stupid desire.
And I say, I don’t want my stupid desire
I’m just really mad that I can’t have it.
I think He gets pretty mad too.

Then somehow He makes me laugh,
Like once someone overtook me while I was driving
And I gave then an evil look and it
made me laugh that I did that.
But I usually stay mad for quite some time.
If it’s small – a few hours, if it’s big – it can be months.
Then I feel really sorry that I yelled at God and swore
And I start crying helplessly and God forgives me.

– Nurari Merry.


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