Ode to a Cranberry Bog

Ode to a Cranberry Bog

once entombed in humus
decaying in this primordial swamp
you ascended
a resplendent rosary of ruby berries

now you float transcendently
washed by sacramental water
my eyes pray your circuit of beads

bathe me splendor of red
anoint me diluvial sludge
splash me black organic baptismal
make me also aflame with cardinal color

standing of muck a man
I long to soar celestial
like you transfigured

be thou my altar
heaven-fledged harvest
for the ripening of my soul
into the pulp and flesh of fruit
to be like you
parsed unthinkingly
and crushed and drunk by the wild world
thirsty for bittersweet
for life
for blood to be transformed into wine

holy trinity
mud of man
bog of transmutation
do bless me elemental and eternal
immerse me in your mystery

let me be the first
to drink your joyful sacrifice
that I may attain a higher reckoning
of who you are
and how utterly

be thou the fluid coursing my veins
that I too may become
fullt vermillion

– Atmatyagi Kutt.


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