God Gave Me the Perfect Mulligan

God Gave Me the Perfect Mulligan
(For Pavitrata)

I stepped on up to take my turn
Feeling somewhat scared;
The time had come for action;
Instead, I was unprepared.

Then who should come? Old Man Doubt.
That clever enemy,
Who, sensing my anxiety,
Clasped me immediately.

I really should have scorned him –
Instead I shook his hand.
The Old Fool then cajoled me
To play as he had planned.

So I took his advice, first once, then twice
Whilst on the teeing ground.
But Doubt had duped me! Just like Lucy
Fooled good ol’ Charlie Brown.

The shot was duffed; it barely moved!
I lost control of my mind.
“Such is my fate”, I inwardly moaned
Then someone came up from behind.

I turned around; Who was this?
I’d seen His Face before.
His Eyes shone an ethereal Light,
His movements, calm and sure.

Upon His approach, Old Doubt just ran
My Light-Friend paid no heed.
He picked up my ball, cleaned it off
And reset it, perfectly teed.

Without a word, He nodded at me
To take my turn again.
I thought, “This is against the Rules”,
But chose to obey this Man.

So I set myself up, gave a good swing
And launched it pure and high,
Watching intent as it shaped itself
Against the morning sky.

For a moment I remained silent
Holding the feel of the shot
And sensed within it the presence
Of a perfection that I’d sought.

“An excellent way to begin your day”,
He said as we walked ahead.
I laughed, “You’re only halfway right;
That first shot counts as dead!”

He suddenly stopped and seemed to go
To some unfathomable Within.
“Allow Me please to keep your score:
I’ll give you a Mulligan.”

Mulligan: A free golf shot to replace a previous attempt, though not in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

– Wilfred Rupp.


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