Fall Away

Fall Away

Ignorance holds me
With a thousand gossamer threads
Comforting is the familiar feel of the fabric
Gathered over ages of restless, aimless, wandering.
But not lamented as if they were chains –
Things shift and move in this world
Light plays on threads and slowly, one by one, they simply
Fall away.

And I move less fettered, then, on a trail
Uphill, undulating or flat – I can hardly tell
As my internal dialogue plays its endless loop
It says a step forward belongs to me,
A product of heroic courage
But when the noise ebbs, the fleeting feeling arises –
There is no climbing here, only the act of being lifted
And the fatigue and confusion of personal effort
Falls away.

There is a crack between these worlds
It is silence and it holds my secrets
Of their own accord they come like leaves, accumulating weightlessly
They hold no information but they do unfold joy
Somehow not remembered but stored by faith and grace
Straight to the heart, straight to the heart they
Fall away.

– Baliyan Barrineau.


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