Delicious Unmentionable Worthiness

Delicious Unmentionable Worthiness

God, Can I worship You with
a stick in my mouth?
Yes, by all means.
God, can You worship me
as I walk the streets?
I worship you, I worship you.
God, where do You get bananas?
Out of smoke, my son. Out of smoke.
Can I try to be happy, even though
I am alive?
Yes, try very hard.
God, when You eat cannibals,
do you regret not having pastry?
Get serious!
OK, God, then here is the big question.
The really big one. The biggest.
When am I going to die?
Son, that is not the big question. The
biggest question is, when are you going to live?
God, is this the best poem I have ever written?
The worst?
God, because I believe in You,
what is my reward?
Your reward, my son, is that I believe in you.
God, that is very nice, but what
practical consequence does that
have for me. Huh?

Son, I keep your kite in the sky, I
keep your body on earth, I
dream your dreams, I love your life, I
inspire you, I do seventy billion, trillion,
zillion, jillion things for you every second.
And I laugh while doing it.

Lord, that is pretty impressive, but
why do You hide from me?
Son, I do not hide from you. See the flowers? That is Me. See the wallpaper? That is Me. See the sky, air, sunrise, trees, birds, pianos, octopi, plants, animals, spare tires, red handkerchiefs, cowboys, Indians, potatoes, et cetera–that is all Me. You want Me to appear as a cosmic flash that will thrill you, but, my son, I tell you, you will soon get used to that, too, and then ask again, “Where are You?”
God, I am properly chastised,
but I have one last question.
Yes, yes, dear boy, what is it?
Where are You?

– Nayak Polissar.


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