Bay of Antalya

Bay of Antalya

I scan the horizon haze.
At any moment, I know,
The white sails will appear
In their hundreds.
I can feel their approach,
See their ensigns of war
Advancing over the silent waves,
Rowers straining in the galleys.
Already they have seen our cliffs
Pitted over centuries,
Already they can taste
Our honeycomb and cheese,
Drink our Turkish coffee in the sun.
Why do they seek to break
The stillness of this blue afternoon?
Why do they force us
To don our tired armour
And hide in caves
With rusty weapons?
Why do they lust after
The wealth of Asia,
Pursue in vain the mysteries
of distant empires?
Let them turn back
To their own shores,
Vanish again in the mist,
Subdue the spirit of war.
Let them conquer first
Their own mind-infidels.

– Vidagdha Bennett.


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