Where Are The Words

Where Are The Words

where are the words to tell the world about Your magic touch in my life?
where are the colours to depict Your magnificent beauty melting in the
where are the sounds to play Your tune vibrating throughout the Universe?
where are the forms to describe Your invisible existence beyond Space and

matter is helplessly braked when it has to sing about You . . .

when the curtain of dawn opens up to Your sky
thirsty deserts drink the dew of Your ether

when Your vast night comes in at the door of dusk
hungry souls bathe in the light of Your giant mild moon
brittle stars dance to decorate Your forehead with diamonds

my songs lose way as You approach
may it be at the early beginning or late end of my days
amazed I stand before You

do come
and let me vanish into You silently
let my weak existence embrace the unheard distance
between my self and the Heart of a Sun
glimmering far out in the Infinite
sometime forty thousand years of light ago
somewhere forty thousand years of light away

– Kamalika Györgyjakab.


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