The seagull

The seagull

Luminous forms
flashing through the sky,
dazzling wings beating high,
a bright haze of birds,
a splendor of thought
   lighting the sky,
exploding into words
   like fire,
blazing visions without name,
   images aflame,
then plunging still aglow
to the dark sea far below

The cold water
wide and deep as a dream
   filling my head,
slow ocean swells
flooding my mind,
quenching the fires of sight,
the dying embers
rising to the surface
darker than night.

At dawn
the debris
of language
softly scattered
on a calm sea,
a lone gull
circling a sky
hazy bright,
the poet
from far away
scanning an empty ocean
for morsels of light.

– Chidananda Burke.


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