The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season

Unshackled creeps the busy vine
An ember’s footstep under mine
Rapturous the perfume groves
Bees astray in heady troves

Apple finds the honey’s ways
Flames are falling nowadays
Day calls through a misted dream
Chasing goes the racing stream

Simple stasis, lines are cleaner
Fighting makes the senses keener
Fingers feel the hunter’s knife
Empty hush, rush in more life!

Chandelier will lose its chimes
On to greener marching times
Primrose cloak casts Oberon
Titania’s flock to idle on

Phases fuse to take one place
Colour shies to veil its face
Charms as lifeless pebbles lie
When Your Fondness greets my eye.

– Sumangali Morhall.


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