Thank You, God

Thank You, God

When I was 4 years old, I used to sing very often
Not songs already written, in fact I did not know many
But songs of my own. Any thought came in, with melody came out.
It was quite fun. And if I was missing words to express myself,
I simply made them up, pretending it was new language. My dream
was to know as many songs so I could sing any time of the day
a different song.
The Supreme heard me!
Now I am lucky enough to memorize maybe a few hundred
of Sri Chinmoy’s most beautiful compositions. Over 12,000 Bengali
songs, over 6,000 exquisite, deeply powerful English songs, ancient
Sanskrit songs and even a few in charming French.
Supremely blessed now, I do not have to make up the words or melody anymore, until the rest of my little existence. His songs became my unfailing friends and heaven-beauty of my life-breath.
Thank You, Guru.

– Ramita Kvirencová.


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