I dreamt I was a pebble
Cluttered on the sand
I was carried to the ocean
By a blue-green, briny hand.

I dreamt I was a flower
Amidst a spring fresh breeze
I spent my days gazing
Up at lacy-blossomed trees.

I dreamt I was a seagull
Drifting on the sea
I spread my wings to the sun
And freedom came to me.

I dreamt I was a guinea-pig
Awfully quiet and coy
I was cherished by a little girl
Who gave me all her joy.

I dreamt I was an infant
That’s where I longed to stay
But I climbed the stairs of ageing years
And the world carried me away.

I dreamt I was a seeker
Searching for the light
Not knowing what to look for
I fought with ignorance-night.

I dreamt I had a teacher
Sri Chinmoy was his name
He taught me of the secret
Of God’s cosmic game.

I dreamt I was in heaven
I had learnt the real in me
I had sailed the voyage of many lives
I had reached my destiny.

I dreamt I had a message
From my Lord Supreme
Revealing my soul’s progress
In the truth of every dream.

– Paula Bartimeus.


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