A new born babe smiled

A new born babe smiled

An astounding whirlwind European Tour
In only three days, in three countries –
Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic,
Five virtuoso concerts were held
With over 30,000 people in attendance.

In Budapest, at the night performance,
While playing the synthesizer
Something most amazing issued forth
Tremendously powerful and deafeningly loud.
Instead of shattering our eardrums
It blanketed our hearts
With a never before felt energy
And a healing.

The beauty of a new hope
And the ecstasy of a new promise
Came down and kissed us.
My heart leapt out of my chest
Eager to scoop up all these blessings.
An experience I never, ever felt before.

Nestled in his father’s arms
A new born baby awoke
Then opened his eyes and smiled.

– Snehashila Alaimo.


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