Is it a blessing or stressing
to be waitressing?

Food, coffee, cake, spoon, bread, napkin
high-chair, water, cassi, pizza, juice, bill,
ketchup…. all at once.
O God, how can one become many
at the same time?

It’s the lunch rush.
A brave waitress in a flying saree
tries to make her way
through a crowd of people, tables, chairs…
It’s not easy, but she takes a deep breath.

“O God, I made it!”

In a very far left corner
she stops and asks a gentleman:
“Would you like your dessert?”
“O, I did not get my lunch yet!”

Flying-saree waitress tries
to keep a smiling face
as she makes her way back
through all the people, chairs and tables.

“Wait I forgot to bring the salad dressing!”

People here and there, coming, ordering
    and going…

Phone keeps ringing, the door opening-closing,
stove is smoking…

“Something is burning again!”

                                            It’s already 3 o’clock?
Time is running. No! Sprinting!

A question from a boy of a medium stature
upon seeing Guru’s lifting picture:
“Can I take weight lifting lessons from Sri Chinmoy?”
“Well he does it all through meditation.”
“Is meditation as hard as lifting 400 pounds?”
“Just come to our next class!”

“The food is just delightful
and your place is full of peace,”
so says the lady at a window table.

A group of friends arrive.
There is enough of them to fill
the whole restaurant – already crowded.
Let’s try to sit the friends together.
Move the people, tables, chairs…
Ah! Everybody has enough space.

Customers are eating, talking, laughing…
Everything is smooth and flowing.

A bowl of chick pea curry flies out through
the serving window and lands
on the dirty floor.
“Was that my meal?” echoes from the table,
where it was supposed to go.

Paper towel, napkin, j-cloths, mop…
In a few seconds, the mess is gone.

“I am stuffed to the gills!” an old lady says.
“You will have to role me out of your place!”

As the new couple leaves after finishing
their tasty meal:
“We will definitely come again!”

The time says 9 o’clock! Lets clean up
and close up shop.

Working in a restaurant is sometimes stressful,
but definitely blessingful.

It’s not always easy,
but it’s a good way to train for the 12 hour walk,
great way for the stomach to grow,
and the best way to serve the Supreme in the world.

– Manoshri Sykorová.


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