Lightening Line

Lightening Line

Just as a flash bursts
In every direction,
connecting edges seemingly
unrelated into a map
of sudden illumination;
I too long for the lightening line
whose sudden, surprising
route through my disjointed
multiplicity connects the
dots upon my inner night sky
and makes it – unbelievably – day.

Landing, with an utter certainty
beyond the scope of doubt’s sight,
at ground.
The holiest ground of a known way
to the inmost authenticity;
A trueness that can speak and feel
and touch with these very
hands and eyes and heart…

I know because I remember
the suddenness,
the clarity,
the overwhelming hope
born from what crouches within.

I know because I feel the anguish,
the slipping departure,
the blinking struggle to retain
the impression, the way home,
gained and lost in a
sudden flash of the lightening line.

– Prabhakar.


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