Gardens for Humanity

Gardens for Humanity

A profusion of blossom,
Fields of gold and crimson poppies,
Hillsides of nasturtiums, yarrow, cosmos, blue bells, paint brush, buttercup,
Lilies, carpets of violets, deep canyons of dusky sage
The shadow of hollyhocks on old walls,
A blizzard of sunlit roses,
A single flower in a jam jar on a window sill,

Gardens celebrate our coming into this world and our going out
Without them earth would be a lifeless place
We nurture gardens to be nurtured by them

There is no telling where gardens end and we begin.
We name the plants carrot, alfalfa, wheat, rice, cactus, barley,
Juniper, ponderosa, phetenia, and lock them away in the prisons of dictionaries
And vocabulary

But they cannot be confined, they burst out at every dawning,
More beautiful, more miraculous, beyond our sweetest songs of praise,
For they are also creation’s emblems of
Bliss, joy, oneness, light and love,
Our highest aspirations and especially this – peace,
Peace that we humans may forever grow in gardens
And gardens grow in us.

– Purodha Elkins.


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