Four Seasons

Four Seasons

It is SPRING – the buds push forward on the branches –
the blooms burst forth filling the air with
heavenly scents, adorning the earth with colors of
the rainbow, a sunrise and a sunset.

Ah yes it is SPRING!

It is SUMMER – the rose bush is plentiful with blooms.
The air is filled with the sweet smell of the seashore.
The trees spread their shade, covering and sheltering
wherever and whoever. The earth is bursting forth
with the clamor of activity.

Ah yes it is SUMMER!

It is FALL – the leaves change clothes and bless
the earth with color beyond description. As the
pastel shades of Summer fade away the bold, strong,
warm earth colors manifest. Such a wondrous wardrobe
has Fall! Crispness permeates the air – filling the
crevices it touches with a promise of adventure.

Ah yes it is FALL!

It is WINTER – The barren trees surrender and await
a blanket of snow. The earth quietly whispers
rest – rest and prepare yourself for the renewal
of life. The air cleanses the atmosphere with
the aroma of purification with a promise of
an abundance of beauty on the horizon.

Ah yes it is WINTER!


– Vijali Anctil.


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