Awake and Dream

Awake and Dream

Awake from the torpor of your body.
Awake from the eclipse of your mind.
Awake from the destruction of your life.

Awake and feel the glowing glory of your secret heart.
Awake and see with the hidden eye of your intuition.
Awake and live the true nature of your immortal soul.

Awake and throw away the chains of your illusion.
Awake and throw off the death of your frustration.
Awake and discard the shackles of your ignorance.

Awake and dream!
Awake and live!
Awake and change!

Dream of a peace-world.
Dream of a world-family.
Dream of a family-oneness-joy.

Awake and dream of light and love.
Awake and dream of patience and power.
Awake and dream of peace and gratitude.

Awake and dream your life.
Awake and live your dream.
Awake and transform the face of the world.

Wake up!
Finally awake now!

– Anami Schöneborn.


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