An Eye Above the Clouds

An Eye Above the Clouds

So many have packed their things
Slammed the door on home,
Simply left the parents’ high old house
Stripped off its simple light,
Children’s shirts.
They’ve put on suits and swords
Taken to the hungry streets
Leaves and dust swirling
Where fortune is won and lost.

No more talking things over
Moving in other’s natural order
Serving someone else’s greater good,
Which was always and only
The enemies’ clever secret of delay
Stealing time to wear us down,
Snatch the prizes
Out of these superior
Deserving hands.
God has given us the power
And vision of our righteousness.
We have offered our prayers
From that power, like trumpets
For all to hear and see.

Above the shouts and grimy clouds
In an infinite azure place of peace
Contemplating neither vengeance
Nor justice, nor rebuke
The fathers’ sleepless eye
Tops the pyramid of thought and deed
Waiting for the storm to pass or grow,
But flooding the closest stones
With soul-shed tears
For the sins of stumbling feet
In the blackness far below.

– Durjaya Pliske.


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