A Game of Cards

A Game of Cards

I am playing against my Lord’s Forgiveness,
I am pretty sure I will win.
I have some fantastic cards in my hand.
I play them one by one:
“See if you can beat that” I say playing my
first card of a pretty dismal thought.
My Lord serenely takes it into His Hand.
Slightly surprised I play my next card:
“Beat that. That is a Bad thought”
Phew, He took that, wow.
“Well,” I say digging deeper
“What about that card, that is a really sick thought”
My Lord serenely takes it into His Hand
smiling slightly triumphantly at me.
“Well,” I say, “You haven’t seen my worst.”
I throw on the table my trump card –
my black ace of unfathomable greed and bitterness.
Not a flinch from my Lord..
He sweeps it off the table into His Hand.
Undisturbed He raises an eyebrow as if asking for any more.
Defeated, I hand over all my cards of
wrong deeds, wrong thoughts, angry criticisms,
heartless acts, shameful features and bitter resentment.

My Lord’s slightly jubilant aura as He walks
away shows me that He is happy and looking
forward to our game tomorrow.
So am I.

– Nurari Merry.


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