Whispers of Remembrance

Whispers of Remembrance

A sweet thrill of hope,
Your Dream dances inside my heart.
My eyes are thirsty to love You
Your universe of Light sweeps me up
And You give me Your message of Promise, indestructible

Gloriously You arrive, swiftly You disappear.
My hearts Love, where is it that You have gone?
I have buried Your Dream in my world of oblivion.
Heavily drunk with forgetfulness, I cannot see You,
Yet from time to time…

On sudden occurrence, or by wave of Grace,
The universe of Light, dormant within, stirs.
Catching a mere spark, I am left enraptured.

Whispers of remembrance
Carry me on a tidal wave of tears,
Pulsating joy envelops my heart
And once again I lose myself in the breathless hope
Of satisfying You.

– Preeyati Spence.


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