No Finer Reason

No Finer Reason

I’m in a play
I’ve got a big part,
According to the programme
It’s a seven-thirty start.

So here I am now
All dressed up as a King
With make-up and wig
I sure look the real thing.

So inside my mind
I go through line after line,
I just about know them
I hope I’ll be fine.

We wait in the driveway
We’re next to perform.
Just one more singing group
Then in we will storm.

There’s the applause
The singing group is done,
But then something else happens,
What is going on?

Guards rush through the gate
And grab boxes galore.
There’s such a consternation
And we don’t know the score.

I hear people say
‘A book is being sold.’
So it looks as though
We must wait in the cold.

Time passes by,
My beard starts to itch,
And still we are waiting
So I’m beginning to twitch.

One hour goes by
And wonder when
We’ll ever get on,
‘Cos Its gone half past ten.

Ah, now its gone quiet
But Is It to be?
As we hear a voice say
‘Boys, walk past Me.’

A walk past now?
But what about our play?
When up steps my soul,
It has something to say.

“Be grateful, O mind,
You have nothing to fear,
To walk past the Master
Is why you are here.

The play has been bumped,
But why do you care?
You can go to the Master
And His love you can share.

There’s no finer reason
For the play not to start.
Just come out of your mind
And dive deep in your heart.”

– Ongkar Smith.


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