My Goal: Your Shore

My Goal: Your Shore

Ever mindful of
The Goal: Your Shore

I swim next to a shark
Side by side
I decide
To show no fear

Just another swimming partner
We exchange the
Searching glance

He is not the Goal
I am not his meal
He slips away

Those other friends
Of the night
Who sharklike attack

I swim with
Side by side
I do indeed survive

They too slip away
Inmost fears and hesitation
At my side momentarily

Eventually they
Too slip away
In the onward progressive
Movement Forward

Smilingly I note My Lord
That You on Your Golden Shore
Spongelike Absorbing
The very sea of ignorance
Have drawn me forward

I have not so much
Come to You
You have brought
Your Golden Luminous Shore
To my very feet

– Vijaya Claxton.


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