Immersed In Divinity

Immersed In Divinity

No longer an intense wish,
   Or a burning desire,
It had become an absolute necessity.
   I needed to be immersed
In Divinity.

For years I’d been an observer,
   Floating on the surface.
My meditations were good but
   I yearned to become an explorer
Of the vast Deep,
   A loser of my “I”ness in the ageless Gaze
Of my Beloved’s fathomless Eye.

More effort at my shrine
   Gave glimpses, no breakthroughs.
Then life got busy,
   My pathetic attempts abandoned.

One early morning on a trip out West,
   My Master phoned from
His hotel room.
   I groggily understood
I was to come and pick something up
   To be delivered somewhere later.
When water failed to flatten my hair,
   I jogged down the stairs
And cautiously knocked.

The door opened and I entered
   But never heard the door click shut.
You see, a massive wave of Light
   Knocked me off my feet,
And, flipping somersaults
   In the celestial surge,
I desperately searched for
   Something to hold on to.

I could barely concentrate on my
   Teacher’s words,
Breathing was out of the question
   Since my lungs were fully saturated
With Bliss.

The Source, emanating blazing fireballs
   Of Divine Love.
Calmly handed me an envelope
   And smiled.

I staggered out of the room,
   Even more staggered that my Master
Would be concerned about envelopes
   And weights and other mundane things.
When he could remain constantly
   Immersed in His own Divinity.

– Ashrita Furman.


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