An Imaginary Talk

An Imaginary Talk
By the American Artist
Mark Rothko
Given on the Summer Solstice
At the Sainte Chapelle Chapel in Paris on
The Influence of Sunlight through Stained Glass
On His Paintings

“The experience here
In this place –
A chapel built to hold
The holy crown of thorns –
It is all about color and luminosity….
And a sense of soaring that
Lifts the spirit.
Yes, it is a spiritual ascent of color –

Here I see glowing boxes of light,
Contracting and expanding,
Floating weightlessly
Against undefined backgrounds.

And this experience of light praying….
I try to paint like this.
This is a religious experience for me.

This moves me deeply
Like some sonorous chord
From a string quartet.

I am searching for other horizons
Beyond those I see on a daily basis…
Not just earthly landscapes.

This is why it is important for me to
Meditate… then I see tragedies
Transformed into beauty.

The problem here is that
Silence is so much more accurate.”

– Trishatur La Galia.


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