Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I?
Am I not a child of infinite light and delight,
Why do I question it?
I know who I am, I am it, silent, knowledgeable
   and full of Divine Light.
The body I claim, but the body is my temple
   where my soul resides.
The real in me, that is vast and eternal.
Why do I limit myself when I know who I truly am?
Space I need expanding myself into that
   that calls me home to myself.
Why do I waste so much time?
It is so simple to find myself secure and safe
to that, that I am within myself.
I search outside myself in vain
everything around me is an illusion
it does not last, it is fleeting, it is empty
meditation is my answer,
the wisdom I receive will carry me
to this Golden Shore
to endure, accept and transcend all that is.

– Duhsahashini Vinyard.


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