What God Looks Like

What God Looks Like

When I was a child, God had a kindly face
     and a Big White Beard.
But I knew all that was only
          a fairy tale.

When I was an atheist (fourth generation – at least!)
     God was a blank space.

When I was an agnostic, God became an empty slate.
     I wrote on it – but only occasionally.
          Nothing of any real importance.

Now that I am a seeker, the space is filled,
     and the slate is covered with my scribblings:
      God looks like everyone I like,
     God looks like everyone I don’t like,
      God looks like anything I see
          Anything I’ve seen
          Anything I’d like to see
      God looks like whatever is –
          (Whatever isn’t?)

          Well, as they said in the hoary past –
                      â€œNeti! Neti!”

As long as I love God,
As long as God loves me,
     Does it matter?

(And here’s what I believe in the very depths of my heart:)
          God looks exactly like my Guru!

– Sarama Minoli.


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