This Beautiful Landscape

This Beautiful Landscape

You have brought me
To a place of
Utter solitude and quiet.
For here I will regain
My peace and joy.
Here in this gentle garden,
High in the refined air
Of these remote
And lofty mountains,
You visit me daily,
And ever do we delight
In our sweet fulfilling conversation.
And each day
You bring me a feast
Of most delicious nectar,
And show me where the sweetest streams
Run dear and sparkling
To refresh my agelong thirst.
And here I wander at my will
Nourished by such beauty;
Full of awe, wonder, joy,
As this beautiful landscape
Unfolds so gently before me.

So there takes root
In my very heart
A tiny flower of deep gratitude
That will grow and spread
To a very carpet of sweetness
And fragrance
That will refresh Your Eyes,
And be softness to Your Feet,
When You visit me
In this garden,
O, my Beloved.

– Udasina Hansford.


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