The Enjoyer Supreme

The Enjoyer Supreme

Who is the meditator?
It is the Guru.
Therefore the disciple smiles and smiles:
His life is all joy,
His life is all fulfillment,
Because his Lord Beloved Supreme has become the Guru,
To meditate on
To meditate in
To meditate through the disciple.

What is meditation?
It is the Guru
Expanding His Consciousness-Reality
In His own Divine way
In the depths of the disciple’s heart.
Therefore, the disciple cries and cries with gratitude
Because he sees and he feels that all that he has and all that he is
Is only the humblest of gifts
When matched against the
Measureless Compassion and
Sweetest Concern
Of his Beloved Guru.

Who is the Enjoyer Supreme?
It is the Lord Supreme
Who has become the disciple:
So that He may enjoy the ceaseless sunshine of the Guru’s grace;
So that He may bathe in the purifying glow of the Guru’s affection;
So that He may drink endlessly and deeply
The overflowing love-joy-oneness of the Guru’s heart.

– Sugabhir Calverley.


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