The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The caterpillar dreams of flying the vast
though crawling heavy and slow with armor

His friend the Sun, gently cries
Her voice of light sings to his eyes

The sky your home, unbounded horizon
unveils its beauty in morning’s secrecy

Before the dawn you’ll come to see
a new form of life you’re meant to be

Soon Shadows cast their glances wide
shielding the luminous glow from his eyes

They call to the caterpillar in sinister song
to make him think the Sun is wrong

You’re just a worm so how can it be?
Only the soil you’re meant to see

His heart now deaf from the Shadow’s noise
can’t feel the Sun’s golden poise

He creeps and crawls unable to see
the butterfly that he soon will be

– Suchaturi Birchall.


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