Teachers In Disguise

Teachers In Disguise

Meeting children on the way
Is meeting teachers in disguise
Sincere hearts of love and trust
In goodness they abide
They suspect you not with their minds of fear
But love you with their hearts sincere
To hold the torch is their great joy
A blossoming heart
Each Girl and Boy
Offers to us an example so true
Of what we must become and do
To spread Peace and Love and Harmony
A pure, free heart we all must be
An instant friend along the way
Each child lives fully every day
Sharing what they have with All
Like the sun, they radiate for all
The light they have Inside
The light they haven’t learned to hide
And we must all be children too
With God our Father and Mother too
To raise us each and every day
Within our hearts is where they stay.

– Scott Scheutzler.


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