Sacred Duty

Sacred Duty

Forest, You are the Creator’s open book,
Where crickets chant; birds recite verse;
Each stream a sacred psalm from the Earth.
The sunlight shimmers through your boughs,
Creating a luminous canopy,
Where golden beams unchanged,
Break into a ceaseless revelation
Of Your Divine magnificence.
Descending down the winding path,
Your stillness draws me nearer, until
My breath becomes the breeze,
My steps the fluttering leaves.
Your rapture draws me inward,
As my Soul,
Diving deeper into Your mystery,
Stands still, serene and silent,
As the ocean’s bed.
On long weary days, I soothe my Spirit,
Drinking of your grandeur to the fullest.
Absorbed in the wholeness of Your sacred stillness,
As You whisper changes into the seasons.
How enchanting are Your creatures,
And the foliage running through
The silence of Your seasons.
While Your colour and spendour,
Offer up themselves in contemplation,
Harvesting freedom and an unparalleled zest for life.
Distilled into Your power and majesty,
You perform Your sacred duty
For the Spirit of creation.

– Manatita Hutchinson.


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