No heart to fight
my spirit is gone
no hope of escape
from the prison
that I have built
for myself.

I took my freedom
for granted, thought
it would be fun
to look inside this room
and close the door
behind me.

I heard the soft
click of the lock
when I shut
the gilded door
but I took no notice
I was looking
at the beautiful rose
before me.

But they took
the water away
and I was left
with withered petals
and when I turned
the door was black
with large iron bars.

You stand outside
and beg me to pick up
the file you have sent
but it seems so small
against those bars
and I’m too tired to pick it up.

You stand outside
and ask, “Why did you
go in? I told you
not to, I warned you
about the gilded door
but you refused
to understand me.

And now you are
in your own prison
that you built yourself
brick by brick
when you thought
you were building
a Temple.”

– Sudhira Hay.


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