Mingling Pronouns

Mingling Pronouns
(reflections on my childhood photo)

As I stare longingly
Into the face of my past
Oh sweet child
‘Your’ eyes so innocent,
So full of wonder
I wonder now
What thoughts slipped through
‘your’ then simple mind
As ‘our’ uncle snapped
The photo
You were three.
Delighted, yet enigmatic
Open hands
Like a Thai dancer’s posture.
Were you remembering
A former life?
Or were ‘you’ seeing what
‘I’ would become now?
Did ‘you’ know that one day
‘I’ would be looking at
‘your’ sweet picture
And wondering
Is ‘she’ ‘I’?
How can it be?
In my meditation
I can be ‘you’ again;
Sweetness, purity, wonder, joy. . .
A lifetime ahead of ‘you’
‘You’ are ‘I’
and i must ‘be’ I
Then, now and after.
Perhaps next life
‘I’ will look at ‘her’ and
Wonder . . . .
Oh! Sweet 3-year-old ‘me’
I know ‘you’ have all the answers.
Will ‘you’ tell ‘me’

– Devaki Grouix.


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