Withered and spent as a crushed daisy chain,
My wasted energy struggled to survive
The blistering anxiety that stomped it.

Where has sweet purity flown,
How has it wafted away?
Calling out in anguish,
Yes, I value its fresh charm.
Return, return!

Where did all the pain go?
Once out of that cage, it, along with a new purpose
Made it easy for flying.
No longer steel-entrapped!

Now time to gaze at rainbows.
Now energy to feel beauty.
Now a great determined renewal.

I shall try.
I shall try.
Every morning another chance
To renew.
To renew.

Rippling rapids course through
The august gates of surrender’s appeal,
Coming to an immediate halt
When denied.

Gaze with your heart
As you would look into a flower.
There to become an intruder if not fully valued,
Otherwise, to revel in the beauty.

Celebrate the joy!
Sing inside – sing alongside, sing outside.
No more skipped beats.

Magic works for me in strange ways.
Never guessing the drama of this unraveling odyssey,
I sometimes accompany my spirit.
Allowing myself to float way, far away,
I then look and see and find and know.

– Snehashila Alaimo.


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