Leaf and Life

Leaf and Life


Spring sprung
Pulsing green,
A veined arrangement,
Naturally aged over a sun-danced summer.
Embraced now, by beating, soaring wings,
Autumn’s elemental claim,
Surging storm’s crescendo crashes,
Free-falling, into celestial silence, coda;
Drawn upon the busy winds breath,
Pressed into the wild, airy, majesty,
Earth’s own, flying home.
Gliding down, abandoned to
The gentle hands of a new Master.


See’s, feels, knows.
Got bones.
Dreams of
Fate who waits for traces where Truth
Lingered and here comes tragedy’s
Rain for pain,
Tears from the beauty of Wisdom, dropping
Into cupped palms that catch
The overflow from
The gentle hands of a new Master.

– Abichal Watkins.


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