Just Grace

Just Grace

A swan glides by
and patterns the water in his passing.
He floats under the willow leaves
and turns towards me. . .

There is this swan on this lake,
white on blue, stately movement
on the water. . .

This is what I want to say –
I took a deep breath,
and there You were in my heart,
Your Grace came flooding in,
clearing away the old debris,
so I could feel all the love
that lies in the heart’s core –
and all the truth –
this reality, so precious,
this real me,
with every atom shining in its love.

Then You were pulling me –
I sang, studied songs,
but there were those heartstrings
still pulling, that gravitational force.
And after so little sleep. . .
But the sun was pulling this
small moon-me, pulling me
into the light.

      How could I else?

I dusted off my running shoes,
long unworn, long sidelined
by injury, put them on
and went out.
Chugged up the steep hill
huffing, like The Little Engine
That Could –
And surprise!

You were there walking,
beautifully, silently, contemplatively,
under the trees.

I stopped to gaze, to offer You
my fear-freed heart.

It’s been weeks now, and
still I’ve been running
miracles stitched to miracle-days
like a daisy chain –
and my heart is shining.

And the swan is floating
on the lake, his smile
reflected in tranquil water
and radiant sky.

– Hashi Roberts.


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