John, John, our brother-son

John, John, our brother-son

John, John, our brother-son,
Can you not return to us, just for a moment – one?
We want to look into your eyes, and hold tightly your hand,
we want to let you know that we did understand.
You tried to hide your greatness, but our hearts saw rightly – you,
the noble prince whose vision would carry America through.

John, John, can you not return?
We want to laugh with you, and your firm sweetness learn.
John, John, can you not come back for awhile?
Our dreams, you see, you held so close, so precious in your smile.

John, John, don’t leave us now –
we have no one to take your place on the world stage – somehow
only you could play the role in our united fantasy,
leading us to new brilliance, with your luminosity legacy.

John, John, hear our cries and come back home –
your petals still unfurled, your promise still waiting,
how can you leave us so helpless, our sorrow unabating?

Those cruel forces, John, that snatched your life away
have taken more from us than we can ever say.
Yet you tell us, John, to keep on believing –
despite the tragedy of you and Carolyn leaving –
that there are good people in the world, and some will triumph –
if not now, then later, when their moment, too, shall come.
You want us to believe in humanity’s goodness true –
and we will, dearest John, so we can truly honour you.

– Nilpushpi White.


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