I Am Dreaming

I Am Dreaming

Dreams, dreams, I am dreaming
It’s the twilight of the early morn
I feel thirsty, lingering fatigue,
   panting for breath, fear lurking;
I do not know, I see nothing,
Am I dreaming, or is it real?
Sounds distorted, vision clouded,
All shrouded in fog, where am I?
Slowly rises my mind ahead of my
      vital, nudging the dead body.
Thoughts vague form, gently eyelids part.
Awareness now descends, touches the groping mind;
A gentle breath softly brushes the body;
Dream I realise is only the twilight of consciousness.
Even as twilight is the fog of the day
When God’s hour-bell, Guru has tolled,
To wake me up from ignorance sleep
For it is now ten to six
Time to rise and meditate.

– Shivaram Trichur.


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