Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Through the window the Sun
     Pours golden onto my hand.
I start, as if awakened
How my knees tremble beneath me
When I try to rise and leave my room
     To join the sunlight.

How did I come to linger here
     In the vague shadows of hesitation?
I do not remember making the choice.
When did I so willingly accept
     This bondage-chain around me?
I remember no intruders,
Yet I cannot argue with the cold metal
     Bound around me.

I look again outside my window.
There You stand, off in the trees
     Watching me.
Your Eyes flash, even in the distance –
They flash golden, like the sunlight
     On my hand.

I lift my head upright
To catch the warmth of the Sun.
My eyes absorb deeply its blessingful rays
           Of Love.
They bless my eyes and tears
Burst forth in a torrent.
I am only my tears, only my sweet tears,
For a sacred and brilliant moment.

Now is the time for me to arise
And quickly go to join You
     In the Sun-filled world of Surrender,
No more to brood or ponder,
No more to suffer in the separation-room.

     I shall go to You now.
     I shall hesitate
           No more.

– Shephali Burke.


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