Flying Beans

Flying Beans

Somewhere in a distant field
Abandoned from human beings
Lies a box of strange powder
And some small old bean grains.

And one night strong wind have blown
Carrying powder toward bean
Miracle happened never, never seen
A tiny wings got small, green bean.

You could imagine a wide surprise
When little green grains arised
They looked, studied their new wings
They leaped of joy, laughed, played
Some felt confused, some got mad.

They were still chatting about all this
When yesterday’s wind again went by
And after a while, they discovered that they can fly.

They flied from one flower to another
They flied low and up in the sky
They flied until they felt bored
And then at last they got tired
They settled down and started to grow.

But all this happened some time ago
What’s with them now, I wonder so
Well, they now have children, some of them are grown
They also have wings, and you can see
Beside the box mentioned before
That they are happy, practicing their wings.

– Milena Stanojevic.


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