Eyes of Blue

Eyes of Blue

Eyes of blue are looking up to You.
Center of emotion, essence’s flame.
Mirror of the core of my being.

Eyes of blue seek Your inner window of vision.
Do I reflect Your idealism?
Do I resonate Your universal love?
Can I know toward what You are walking with me?

Eyes of blue, quest Your unveiling and inner vision.
What do my eyes show?
What am I to see?

What do my eyes say?
What am I to hear?

What do my eyes experience?
What am I to know?

What am I to sow?
What is the world to reap?

Eyes of blue beseech Your inner wisdom.
Divine seer, see but the light within.
Blue eyes yield to experience Your vision.
For within Your vision I delight within Your light.
Blue eyes breathe in the knowing You are my heart within.

Eyes of blue implore Your Divinity.
Blue eyes are open unto You.
Blue eyes are surrendering to You.
Blue eyes are to render Your dreams soulfulness.
Blue eyes are to grow worthy of Your soulful dream.
Advancing, my blue eyes are Your visions’ illumination.

– Paula Fleming.


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