Coming Home!

Coming Home!

In how many places have I been?
Different parts of the world:
Cities, states, countries, continents!
Traveled like crazy
from Europe to California
via Australia; with a stop in Seattle;
4 days in Helsinki;
a quick, good marathon in Waikiki;
climbing a temple in Tikal;
a fast drive through Hungary
and Lord countless more!
Sun, Snow, Rain, Clouds
seen it all!
A quick stop in N.Y. to fuel up
on some Light!
But in between all that
There is always only one place to go:
Now what does that mean?
First thoughts:
     Oh God, back home? To the start?
     Back to old me, little Aruna?
     Home to Mom and Dad?
                Mama and Papa?
                Good or bad?
Home to ‘What will I do here? Work?’
                â€˜Will I live here forever?’
Aruna, come on, think again:
     Okay, home to great
     friends: Mama and Papa.
     Home to my own space,
     my bed, my stuff, my shrine, my place!
     Home to my own car! Yeah!
     Home to the Autobahn, for a nice drive!
     Home to my City, cute and little!
     Home where I just feel, well, …Home!

Big Question:    What will happen?
     Will I leave again, escape?
     Or will I stay and get a life?
     Well God alone knows the answer!
     Or maybe not even He knows!
But does it matter? Not really, I guess!

I have learned one thing.
All that is just ‘outer’ stuff!
No matter where in God’s Creation I am,
     I am always HOME:
     In my Guru’s heart.
     He has said so to me before

     And now I know what it means!
                All my Gratitude to Him,


– Aruna Pohland.


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