I love chocolate, yes I do.
Nothing compares to it, I believe this too.
Not even vegetables, noodles, ice-cream, tofu.
If you want to find the best,
You have to try chocolate in every country you rest.

German chocolate is nice
And has a good price.

Swiss chocolate is by far the best.
It must be the cows in the mountains,
Swiss people give their cows always the best.

Austrian chocolate, you can find
Mozart here and Mozart there,
Mozart in marzipan, Mozart as
A teddy bear.

French chocolate, oh my God
Is delicate and fine,
But French people mix chocolate
With liqueur and wine.

Italian chocolate you really have to try,
This beautiful country believes also
In olive oil and balsamico wine.

American country and people I like.
American chocolate, okay I have tried.

I need more chocolate, but
How to find?
Let me talk to Mitali,
Nothing is impossible for her to find.

– Karali Pohland.


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