Breaking News

Breaking News

Breaking news – the only news –
Of one once destined to galvanize American hearts
     In the politics of hope.
Now, hearts broken with a sense of tragedy
     Larger than ourselves, or even our country,
We anxiously wait – and remember –
Remember a brave salute by a small child
Who promised to be the torch bearer
Of his father’s great legacy.

Promise turns into a legacy of tragedy
As humanity mourns goodness lost,
     Greatness unrealised,
In yet another victory for death.

My Lord, we seek Solace
In the inevitability of Your ultimate Victory,
And we “ask … what together we can do
     For the freedom of man”
So that Your Dream –
A Dream which has endured centuries of defeats –
Will finally triumph in the dawn of the New Millennium.

– Nilima Silver.


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