A Forgotten Poet

A Forgotten Poet

Why can’t I capture music in these words?
No wonder I am a forgotten poet;
An unfinished house, the builder gone
Yet blame, I have none.

First we hurt each other
By mean, selfish, vicious,
Stupid, self-serving, small-minded acts;
We cause each other
Reciprocal delays in the forward voyage
So it becomes
An unnecessary desert trek.

First we hurt each other,
Then we wonder
Why we feel the unbearable ache
Because You have freshly departed
Worst of all,
We never connect the two
Worst of all,
We who we hurt, it is You.

Now a brilliant shimmering covers Earth
Carrying a person
From a council flat
To the edge of a universe
Leaving in its wake
A wonderful Peace.

If I must live on earth
Do not allow me to miss
Anything, everything You have kept for me.
Who else will see or show me
The Pervading Smile, the
Deity, His game within?

I had been walking through darkness
For quite a while;
Perhaps I was waiting for You
To anoint me.

– Hiyamallar Shalom.


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