27 Years

27 Years

27 years,
With abundant tears
To wash away the fears
That linger in hidden corners
     Of our human frame.

We may not even know them by name,
Yet they are relentless just the same.
Until we surrender all the lame
     And futile thoughts and doubts
Into the Fire of His Love and Grace.
Then we see an about-face
And for a while they vanish
     With no trace.

How will we finish
This Celestial Race
When it seems
We can only run
     At a slow terrestrial pace?
But we find along the way
Those who renew our strength
And give us joy and hope
So that we no longer grope
In the mire that binds our feet
     And makes the journey heavy.

He who asked us to start,
Is pulling us to the finish,
And feeding us with His Compassion
And Love that do not diminish
With time or space limitation,
Until the whole Creation
Is flooded with a powerful Force
That will keep us on our Course
     In our journey to the Source.

– Arpan DeAngelo.


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