To Be Loved by Joan

To Be Loved by Joan

The visit to be enjoyed like a glorious sunrise
With its brazen flashes and subtle hues
A favourite book to be savoured
The pages reluctantly turned
Lazy afternoons spent eating and talking and dreaming
Nourishing the body and feeding the soul
Her intricate tales delicately woven
And offered for my delight
Our tinkling laughter meandering in and out
Planning and plotting like carefree children
Sharing in life’s mysteries and reveling in its joy
Then we tentatively reveal the hidden corners
Forgotten, dusty and dark
Finding consolation amid the tragedies
Problems laid out on the table
Like pieces of a puzzle
Joan’s wisdom making everything fit
The day brightens as our friendship shines through
Her love piercing all of the clouds
We begin to sing God’s melodies in every key
Endless lullabies of devotion
Our aspiration the velvety smoothness
Of a crimson rose
Soft, sweet and pure
I rest in the complete acceptance
Of a Mother’s embrace
To be seen
To be heard
To be appreciated
To be loved by Joan

– Jo-Anne Macdonald.
(In loving memory of Joan Hooper)


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