The Wave

The Wave

The bubbling surf, vigorous enlivens me,
I dive beneath a wave heading out the back,
This small journey enlivens me,
Bringing back a string of fond memories.

I float, gently rising and falling with the swell, I wait.
Sun’s light sun’s warmth
Sparkling droplets on my face, in my hair.

I see a wave, it rises up a glassy face presents itself
Turn, push, stroke – one motion learned long ago
I’m lifted, moving, sliding
Left hand outstretched I plane across the moving bowling force.

Moving, riding, sharing exhilarating,
The lip begins to curl
Eyes open I watch a tunnel form
Surrounded by bubbling surf I duck my head
And dive out towards the back.

The bubbling surf, vigorous enlivens me.

– Salil Wilson.


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